A Canadian woman recently had a terrifying encounter with a bear. Thankfully, the BC woman’s dog saved her from a bear attack and there are videos for proof, but not before it got mauled. The whole story is horrifying and the dog owner has since shared videos of the encounter online for everyone to see. 

Ashley Gribble lives in Kamloops, BC. Gribble was recently out hiking with her five dogs on a trail between McQueen Lake and Isobel Lake. 

While it started out as a regular hike, things quickly took a terrifying turn when Gribble and her dogs came face to face with a bear. She recorded parts of the encounter on her phone to prove her story. 

According to a lengthy Facebook post by Gribble, her and her dogs were walking towards a pond through the trees when she saw a bear about five feet from where she was standing. 

Milka, one of Gribble's dogs, barked and backed the bear up a few feet. Gribble backed away slowly and onto the main trail. She claims that the bear followed her and her dogs at a trotting pace while the dogs continued to bark and make themselves visible. 

Gribble took several videos of the encounter and they are truly terrifying. In the videos, you can hear Gribble panicking under her breath as she yells “woah bear” to the massive animal that is now running straight towards her and her five dogs. 

The bear followed the group for about 15 minutes before it suddenly turned and went into the trees. The group continued walking and finished the full kilometer trail. All of a sudden, Gribble heard something in the trees and realized it was the bear coming for her. The bear had apparently been following them the entire time.

Thankfully, Gribble had bear spray and was able to use it. However, it wasn't enough to stop the large creature. When Gribble realized she was in danger, she began backing up and she ended up tripping on a rock. 

At this point, one of her dogs, Bane, jumped in front of her and the bear attacked the dog instead. 

The bear picked up the 80-pound dog with ease and ran with him for a short distance. Bane eventually fought himself free and ran away, but the bear chased him, grabbed his behind, and bit into his back before pinning him down. 

“I'm screaming and yelling help and then before I even knew what was happening, with adrenaline surging through me, my instincts were taking over and I was running full tilt at the bear with a log. I proceeded to beat that bear in the face and head with the log repeatedly, specifically aiming for his eyes and nose," she wrote. 

After hitting the bear dozens of times, he released Bane who was able to run to the other dogs safely. A panic and adrenaline-fueled Gribble was now face-to-face with the bear. She began hitting trees beside her with the huge log in an attempt to scare him away. For whatever reason, it worked and the bear slowly retreated. 

Bane, although a hero, received 26 punctures from the teeth and claws of the bear. “If Bane had not lept in front of me, I know without a doubt that the bear would've mauled me and most likely would've killed me. He absolutely saved my life,” wrote Gribble. 

Gribble reported the incident to conservation officers who determined that it was a male bear. They humanely euthanized it, since the lake is popular for school field trips and hikes. 

The conversation officers said she did everything right up until going in to save Bane. “If you know me, you know there's no way I'd ever turn my back on my dogs. You wouldn't ask a mother not to go after their child and for me it's the same,” wrote the Kamloops woman. 

Gribble has since shared the story on Facebook to show her appreciation for her dog Bane as well as to raise awareness about the potential dangers of nature and wildlife. 

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