British Columbia is in collective mourning over the loss of their iconic lone wolf. The B.C. Conservation Office announced that a B.C. wolf named Takaya was tragically killed by a hunter on Tuesday, March 24. He had been the lone wolf on Discovery Island, B.C., for over six years. 

Animal documentarians and conservation specialists had been closely following the journey of Takaya, a rare species of canine known as the sea wolf, according to The Guardian.

Over the years, Takaya has been seen prowling through several regions around Victoria, B.C., from residential backyards and city sidewalks to farms on the outskirts.

His most prominent settlement was on Discovery Island, where he had survived by hunting otters, seals, and fish.

He held the title of only wolf on the island, even though wolves are not generally known to inhabit islands of such small size. 

The Guardian cited Takaya's journey as significant, as very few wolves have been recorded to "traverse the heart of Victoria."

CTV News reported that Takaya was seen journeying through the streets of James Bay, Victoria, in January. He was tranquillized by conservation officers upon discovery and released into the wild. 

We've all heard about how wolves travel in packs, so Takaya's status as a "lone wolf" only added to his fame. A wolf expert told the Guardian about how Takaya's sharp predatory instincts made him an exceptional hunter in the wild.  

So naturally, news of his death has stunned and disheartened animal lovers all across the world, especially as it was a case of trophy hunting, according to CTV News

CBC News spoke to Cheryl Alexander, a documentarian who studied Takaya and his activities in the wild. She said that trophy-hunters need a "wake-up call."

Alexander has also urged the B.C. government to reconsider hunting laws, which allow such a killing. She reported getting tons of emails from individuals who admired Takaya for being able to survive on his own, even in difficult natural conditions

Countless reactions have emerged on social media in light of his death. 

One user said in a tweet, "Dear Takaya, I'm sorry you were taken to Soon this way. My heart is Sad and Broken. I Cry with you and for All the Animals around the World. Xo A tragic ending, for a Beautiful Wolf." 

Another user urged the public to take action to save B.C. wolves, saying "Takaya didn’t have to die in vain. Help SaveBCWolves and take action today." 

One user expressed their grief in a tweet, saying, "In all the things happening in the world, today a big piece of my heart is shattered. I am totally in favour of hunting, for food and sustenance, not for sport. Takaya We can learn so much from animals. Now this great one is gone." 

An Instagram user went on to share their emotions. "This was not the ending that any of us anticipated for Victoria's beautiful lone wolf Takaya," they said in their caption

Someone shared photos of Takaya reportedly taken just last Sunday, which would make them the last images of the wolf still alive. 

Other social media users are sharing the same sentiments on the wolf's death. 

Alexander told CBC that she hopes to arrange a memorial service of some sort, which would be open to the public, in the near future. 

As of now, the killing of Takaya is being investigated and further details will be released as they become available. 

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