With Ontario facing a scorching hot week ahead, doctors are reminding parents and pet owners of the dangers of leaving their precious ones in hot cars.

Dr. Chris Sulowski of the McMaster Children's Hospital told CBC that all it takes is a few minutes for dangerous symptoms to develop in a person left within a hot car. Once the temperature within the care rises above 40 C, any persons in the hot car are at high risk of death.

"It can very quickly progress to seizures, coma . . . and death," he says.

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Even if you park in the shade, the temperatures inside a car cabin will still rise due to the outside humidity. Experts say it takes only two hours to reach potentially deadly temperatures in shade conditions.

The latest case of death in a hot car occurred in Burlington, Ont. where a young toddler was found trapped in the back seat without vital signs. The preliminary cause of death is listed as hyperthermia, a state of extremely elevated body temperature.

Currently, Quebec is the only province in Canada that has a specific law against leaving children in hot cars. Everywhere else, parents found guilty of doing so could face charges of negligence under the Criminal Code.

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