The tragedy in Lebanon has prompted a response from the international community. Canada's Prime Minister cited the relationship between both countries in the wake of the Beirut explosion. He also noted that Canadians were "shocked and deeply saddened."

In an August 6 statement, Justin Trudeau addressed the deadly event, saying that Canadians were mourning the loss of life and wishing for a quick recovery of the thousands who were injured.

"We know that the people of Lebanon will come together and rebuild, as they have before, and overcome this tragedy," he said.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the relationship between Canada and Lebanon saying that both countries share "a deep and longstanding friendship, which is rooted in close people-to-people ties."

He mentioned the "hundreds of thousands" of Lebanese-Canadians living across the nation, saying that they have "strengthened our country and continue to make significant contributions to Canada today."

Trudeau reiterated that Canada would be offering $5 million in aid to Lebanon, with $1.5 million immediately going to charitable organizations that include the Lebanese Red Cross.

He added that Canada would continue to find other ways to lend a hand, including emergency support in the forms of medical aid, food, and shelter.

"To the people of Lebanon, Lebanese Canadians, and all those who watched the explosion in shock and horror, worrying about their loved ones and friends: we will always support the people of Lebanon as you work to heal and rebuild your beautiful city," the Prime Minister said.

The statement concluded with contact information for Global Affairs Canada's 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre.

Canadians living in Lebanon who require consular assistance were advised to contact the embassy in Beirut.

In a previous statement immediately following the explosion, Trudeau had said that Canadians were keeping the people of Lebanon in their thoughts, and that the country "stands ready" to help in any way it can.

The explosion in Beirut has left at least 137 people dead and 5000 injured, according to CNN. The cause is still unknown, but an investigation into 2,750 metric tons of explosive ammonium nitrate at the city's port will be conducted.

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