Typically around this time of year people are doing gift exchanges where they will set a spending limit. The amount can vary, obviously, but it would probably never get into the thousands. If it did, somehow, then Best Buy has a TV for sale that would be perfect.

Included among all of the other appliances and electronics for sale is a 98" Samsung Smart TV. How much does this huge TV cost? $99,999.99. With the tax included, the cost is easily over $100,000.

It's unclear if Best Buy actually expects anyone to buy this TV, but it's definitely possible. Of course, you'd probably have to get it delivered because there's no way that TV would fit in a normal car. Hopefully, after spending that much money, they would throw in the delivery for free.

What makes the extravagant cost of this television all the more confusing is how much of a jump it is from the next smallest size of the same model, which is 82" for $7,999.99. By the way, that's the sale price. Normally it's $9,999.99.

The 98" model costs almost twice as much as what the average Canadian makes in a year. According to Statistics Canada, as of January 2019, the average weekly salary for Canadians was $1,011.62, or just over $52,000 a year.

If you were making $1,011.62 a week and saved 10% of that (before taxes) to put toward the 98" Smart TV, it would take over 988 weeks, or roughly 19 years, to save enough to afford it.

At 98 inches, the size of the screen is also larger than most Canadians. For example, according to a 2014 study, the average Canadian man was found to be 5'9 or 69", far smaller than this gargantuan screen.

If you've got a house big enough to fit it somewhere, this may be the TV for you.

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