As Canadians, we know that Canada is ranked the best globally for a lot of things, including maple syrup and health care. However, Shanghai Ranking's Academic Ranking of World Universities 2019 has just been revealed, and it looks like Canada can also add some of the best education to their list as well. Multiple universities across the nation were ranked as some of the best 100 institutions across the globe, and the University of Toronto came in number one in Canada. 

The Academic Ranking of World Universities, which has been recognizing outstanding learning institutions since 2003, reviewed more than 1,800 universities around the globe and narrowed their list down to the top 1,000 universities worldwide. 

Since the report was released on Thursday, Canadians should be able to give themselves a pat on the back, considering four Canadian universities toped in the top 100. 

It probably comes as no surprise, that the University of Toronto ranked as the best university throughout Canada and the 24th best university worldwide. The Toronto based institution has won a variety of rankings that have put them on top for numerous years, including having the best reputation. 

While the University of Toronto is often considered one of the best worldwide on a variety of occasions, three other Canadian universities were also able to land themselves on the map, all ranking in the top 100, just underneath the University of Toronto. 

Ranking second-best in Canada and 35th worldwide, the University of British Columbia was also considered one of the best institutions in the world to get an education. 

On top of this, both McGill Univerity and McMaster University also were able to score a spot in the top 100's, both of them ranking in the high 90's worldwide. 

However, it wasn't just the top 100 that the Canadian universities could be spotted in. Out of the 1,800 schools that were considered, 28 Canadian Universities made the list. 

The University of Calgary, University of Montreal, University of Ottawa, and the University of Waterloo all made it into the top 200. 

Ryerson University was last on the list of Canadian universities, ranking in the 900 best Universities across the globe. 

To view a full list of Canadian universities that are considered to be some of the best, you can view the full list here.  

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