If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? According to a new study from rental company Nestpick, that looked at the best cities in the world for young people Canada is a pretty good place to start! With three Canadian cities listed in the study’s “top 20 cities in the world for Generation Z to live,” it seems that there really is no place quite like home!

While it was actually London, U.K. that took the top spot as the most perfect place for Generation Z-ers to live, Toronto wasn’t too far behind, coming in fourth place! Canada’s biggest city was only beaten by Stockholm and Los Angeles for second place, but to compete that highly on a global scale is still pretty impressive!

Not to be outdone, Vancouver and Montreal also placed in the study’s top 20, coming in 10th and 15th place respectively. They joined incredible cities such as Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin at the top-end of the list, with researchers deeming both as incredible places to live as a young person.

The study defined Generation Z as anyone who was born between 1997 and 2012, and took into consideration all of the aspects of life that this generation would find to be important. In particular, the study focused on affordability, security, diversity, social equality and commitment to climate, as well as connectivity and the degree of digitalization.

This connectivity and digitalization were determined by considering things like a city’s willingness to use new technologies, the amount of digital payment options and the strength of a city’s sharing economy, such as the availability of services like Uber.

Each city was scored out of 100 on a number of similar factors, before they were given an overall mark out of 100 for the city’s compatibility with Generation Z.  

Researchers at Nestpick explained, “A shortlist of prominent, international cities were selected based on their reputation as destinations to pursue work and education, as well as those who have shown initiative to act on the demands of previous generations such as Millennials and Generation X.”

This comes just as it was also announced that Canada was rated one of the world’s best places to visit in 2019, proving that Canada has so much more to offer than we probably give it credit for!

So, if you’re young and living in Canada, count yourself lucky! This is one of the best places on earth for you to be!

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