Canada is known for a lot of things and one of those is maple syrup. And now we officially hold the title for having the best maple syrup which just confirms what every Canadian already knows. The best maple syrup in the world is from a small town in northern Ontario.

Clapperton's Maple Syrup was chosen by judges at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair as the overall Champion Maple Syrup and will get the John David Eaton World Championship Cup. The syrup also won in the category of "Canada Grade A, Amber/Rich Taste". 

Mike and Sarah Clapperton and their world's best syrup are from Loring, a small town near North Bay and Sudbury where Mike has lived his whole life.

"As far as the winning goes, my customers have been telling me for years that you make good maple syrup. This is just confirmation that everybody's right," Mike Clapperton told the CBC.

Because Clapperton's Maple Syrup won the top prize, the Clapperton's will get their name engraved on the championship cup, a silver platter, a championship ribbon and a $500 cheque.

This is the third year Clapperton's Maple Syrup was entered in the maple syrup competition at the Royal. In the last two years, the syrup came in second and fifth place. 

Clapperton's Maple Syrup beat out other syrups from Ontario, Quebec, Michigan and New York. 

The sharing of information and advice over the years within the maple syrup community is what Clapperton credits his win to.

As a child, Clapperton's family boiled maple sap but it was only on a small scale, nothing like the syrup he makes today. It wasn't until about 20 years ago when he decided to get serious about maple syrup. 

"I saw a picture in a magazine one day and thought, I really should get into making maple syrup," said Clapperton.

Now Clapperton's Maple Syrup is produced from three thousand taps.

Despite this year's big win at the Royal, Clapperton's Maple Syrup won't be more expensive. Though that doesn't mean there isn't hope that the syrup will become more popular and that the business will grow.

"I'm still loyal to my customers," said Clapperton.

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