It doesn't take a genius to figure out that B.C. is one of the most incredible places to travel, but the recognition is official. CNN Travel just came out with its official 20 best places to visit in 2020 guide and it includes only one mention of Canada...we think. Hopefully, they meant to include B.C. when they added "Vancouver Island, British Colombia" to their list.

While we're appreciative of the recognition, it would be great if they could go ahead and change it to "British Columbia" as we all know it.

Vancouver Island made it on the coveted list. What could have persuaded them to pick this place in particular? It has a lot to do with tacos.

"Visit Tacofino, a laid back, high-end taco truck located in the back of a surf shop parking lot in Tofino," the article states. Perhaps the writer was so consumed with enjoying the Tacofino tacos that they neglected to spell check their text.

Vancouver Island, in particular, is such a hot destination right now, it's even fit for royalty. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were visiting it over the holidays.

There it is: "British Colombia," unmistakable with its deep blue oceans, lush green coastal rainforests and mountainous backdrop.

Unfortunately, "British Colombia" is not a real place. Even Google knows that much.

We all know what they meant, and they're right. There are a ton of incredible places to go on Vancouver Island that beg you to visit from the mainland.

From adorable Airbnbs and tea houses to pounding ocean surf and amazing tacos, why not check out B.C. the next time you're planning a vacation? After all, it's caught CNN's eye. Just not the eye of their proofreader.

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.


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