Beyond Meat launched its Beyond Beef product years ago for our neighbours to the south. Now, it's available in grocery stores across Canada to make all your meatless dreams come true! The best part is that it's almost identical to the real thing.

You've heard about the plant-based burgers and breakfast sausages at places like A&W and Tim Hortons, and maybe even seen other Beyond Meat products at the grocery store.

Now there's a new animal-free alternative in town.

On December 11, the company's newest product, Beyond Beef, now graces Canadians with its presence in most places where produce is bought and sold.

It's designed to look, cook and taste just like ground beef, and have the same flavour and texture as its meat-based counterpart, substituted with plant-based ingredients devoid of GMOs, soy or gluten. Additionally, it is certified as kosher.

"We are excited to bring our latest product innovation to Canadians, welcoming a growing number of consumers to the delicious taste and nutritional and environmental benefits of our plant-based proteins," said Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat founder and CEO, in a news release.

Beyond Beef has 18 grams of protein for every serving of 100 grams, and compared to regular ground beef it has more iron, 35% less saturated fat and no cholesterol, antibiotics or hormones. 

You can get this food innovation at the fresh meat counter in your local supermarket, even though it's not even meat.

The company claims that anything you can do with the original animal-based product can also be accomplished by its vegetal cousin: meatballs, tacos, shepherd's pie, burritos, sliders, you name it.

With a taste and texture indistinguishable from its inspiration, plus the added nutritional benefits of plant-based protein, vegetarians and vegans alike might want to try out this handy alternative.

"Canada is a very progressive market and since launching in retail there earlier this year, we’ve seen a tremendous response from Canadians who are interested in our plant-based proteins," said Brown.

Brown's company first entered the Canadian retail market in the summer of 2019 with the launch of the Beyond Burger product, and within six months, it has been picked up by more than 4,000 stores across the country. 

According to the company, at one major Canadian retailer, theirs is the number one selling plant-based burger at the fresh meat counter.

Now, Canada is the first retail market outside of the U.S. to sell the new Beyond Beef product.

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