The world woke up to amazing news this morning after discovering that Bianca Andreescu has become the first Canadian woman to make it to the semi-finals of the Rogers Cup in over fifty years. Since the news, the entire nation seems to be supporting Andreescu as she heads into her game on Saturday. Yet, even though she may be known as one of the best in the tennis world, Bianca Andreescu's Instagram photos show off another side to her that reveals she really is just like any of us. 

On Friday, Andreescu went head to head with Karolina Pilskova, defeating the Czech Republic native and pushing her way into the semi-finals, a feat that hasn't been accomplished by a Canadian woman since 1969. 

However, this isn't the only accomplishment that the tennis player has under her belt. Earlier this year, Andreescu made headlines after she slammed Venus Williams in the ABS Classic Tennis tournament. This became big news, as Williams was currently ranked as the best tennis player in the entire world. 

Now, Andreescu continues to make the climb to becoming one of the best tennis players of all time. While her Instagram showcases a variety of photos from her victorious wins over the years, it also showcases just how down to earth she really is. 

Andreescu has been playing tennis since she was seven-years-old, and it has become a big token to who she is today. While she has gone on to win a variety of tournaments, some of her photos show just how dedicated she is to not only the sport but to her nation.

Traveling around the world to compete in a variety of different tournaments, Andreescu has shown her dedication to the sport. She even battled through her last winning game at the Rogers Cup with a groin injury and needed to take a medical break before powering through the rest of her game to victory. 

Yet, it's not just tennis that Andreescu is interested in. In fact, her Instagram is littered with photos that give a real peek inside what her life is really like when she isn't on the courts. 

Just like any other woman, it seems that Andreescu loves spending time at the beach and by the water during her days when she isn't training for an upcoming tournament. 

It also turns out that Andreescu is a huge dog lover and actually has a puppy of her own named Coco. The dog was brought into her family in May 2018, just one month after the previous dog Jessica passed away. 

If you didn't think Andreescu could get any more normal, you're wrong. Earlier this year, she was spotted cheering on the Raptors with the rest of the nation when they made into the NBA finals for the first time in history. 

Now, Andreescu is feeling the same support from Canadians as she makes her way into the semi-finals of the Rogers Cup as the first Canadian woman to do so in over fifty years. 

Andreescu plans on facing off in the semi-finals on Saturday against Sofia Kenin and is hoping to score a spot in the finals of the Rogers Cup. 

The Rogers Cup is a tennis tournament that is operated by Tennis Canada that brings in some of the best women tennis players across the globe.



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