Every so often, the worlds of music and politics combine, and sometimes it gets messy. On Friday afternoon, Canadian rock band Billy Talent publicly called out Ontario's Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Sport, Lisa MacLeod, for "misrepresenting" a meeting between her and the band. In particular, the band took issue with the provincial government's cuts to music funding.

According to CBC, on Friday, MacLeod, a leading MPP in Doug Ford's provincial government, tweeted a photo showing her sitting behind a drum kit alongside the band and thanked the band members for bringing her in to play drums on their new album.

As of the time of writing, MacLeod's Twitter account no longer displays the photo.

That mysterious missing pic probably has something to do with how the band responded, we reckon. What do you think?

In a statement posted across its social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram, the band, which hails from Mississauga, Ontario, called out MacLeod and her governmental colleagues.

"Yesterday, our record label asked us to meet with Minister Lisa MacLeod during her visit to a local Toronto recording studio to discuss the recent guts the Provincial Government has made to the Ontario Music Fund and the negative impact that it has on artists ...

"Unfortunately, a photo of us with the minister was posted without our knowledge or consent that completely misrepresents the purpose of the meeting and has been misinterpreted by some as our support for the current administration.

"While we recognize that Ms. MacLeod was attempting to be funny ... we thought that by engaging directly with her, we could make a difference. However, based on Ms. MacLeod's mischaracterization of the purpose of our meeting and her misrepresentation of the government's "support" for the OMF, we realize that our appeal has likely fallen on deaf ears.

"For the record, we do NOT support the Ford administration and what they are doing to the arts. And we're very happy with our current drummer, Lisa."

Damn, talk about a rebuttal.

Billy Talent's emphatic post was met with a wave of responses, seemingly all either fans of the band, detractors of MacLeod, or both. Some responses were printable, others weren't, but we imagine you get the idea.

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