Bye, bye beach! Breakwater Park in Kingston had its beach shut down because people, including lots of university students, kept gathering there in large groups. Apparently, they haven't been following physical distancing recommendations and guidelines.

On September 5, the city of Kingston announced that the beach area of Breakwater Park and the Gord Downie Pier there are closed.

This happened because there are concerns about people there not following physical distancing recommendations put out by public health officials.

According to the city, large groups have continued to gather at the waterfront area.

There was a recommendation given by Dr. Kieran Moore, the KFL&A Medical Officer of Health, and with the guidance of Kingston Police.

The goal is to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in the community.

Fences have been put up to deter people from going to the closed areas.

Even with the beach and the pier off-limits now, other parts of Breakwater Park are still open to the public.

However, people have to stay two metres apart while at city parks because Kingston's mayor implemented an emergency order a day before this happened.

It lasts for 28 days but can be cut short or extended.

The beach and pier will stay closed for as long as the emergency order is in place.

CTV News reported that the area was crowded with people on September 4.

Some identified themselves as Queen's University students and others said they were visitors seeing their friends who study at the university.

In a video from that day, you can see that many people weren't wearing masks or following physical distancing recommendations.

With Kingston's new physical distancing rule for city outdoor spaces, there are some exceptions.

It doesn't apply to children under 16 years old who are with their parents and people who are from the same household.

Situations where distance isn't possible like in a public restroom or because of health and safety requirements are also exempt.

Beaches in Canada have been in the spotlight this summer and not for a good reason.

Oceanside and lakeside spots in B.C. and Alberta have also seen large crowds gather without physical distancing.

In Ontario, St. Catharines even closed its beaches to people who aren't from Niagara.

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