Parts of British Columbia and the Prairies have already gotten an early taste of winter this year, with random periods of snowfall affecting some major city centres. However, the worst is yet to come, as heavy snowfall and extremely cold temperatures have been forecasted for those regions.

According to Accuweather, places in British Columbia such as Vancouver and Victoria can expect significant periods of snowfall throughout the winter season. This sets up a favourable scenario for ski enthusiasts, who are in for a relatively secure ski season that is expected to run until spring of next year.

In the Prairies, temperatures are predicted to drop to dangerously low levels, with waves of arctic air blasting through the region. Calgary and Edmonton are among several cities in the Prairies expected to receive these extremely chilly temperatures.

These weather conditions will likely be caused by a weak La Niña that will form in later months. The weather pattern to form will involve cooler-than-usual waters that influences the aforementioned cold weather conditions.

Eastern Canada, which includes Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, will also get periods of heavy snowfall this winter.

Read the official report by Accuweather here.

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