While it may still feel like summer for most of us, some parts of Canada are starting to cool down to prepare for the winter months that are currently lurking in the distance. However, the province of British Columbia seems to be the only area in Canada that is having trouble making up their minds over which season they want to experience. Currently, B.C is expected to see both heat and snow on Thursday, as some parts of the province can expect up to 11 cm of snow, while the other parts will be experiencing temperatures over 30°C. 

Throughout Thursday, the province of B.C. will combine both summer and winter together in one day of chaos. Depending on which side of the province you live on, you could be experiencing a hot summer day or a fridged winter night. 

Those who live in the Muskwa Range can expect some pretty fridge weather throughout the day as Mount Ulysses can expect to see significant snowfall. 

According to Moutain Forecast, throughout Thursday, Mount Ulysses can see as much as 11cm of snow, with temperatures dipping as low as -6°C, making for the perfect winter wonderland. 

However, if you aren't ready to dig out your winter coat just yet, all you have to do is make an impromptu trip a bit farther south. 

While those in the Muskwa Range area may be able to build a snowman and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate today, residents in southern B.C. will be out in their swimsuits enjoying the sunshine. 

According to the Weather Network, if you head south to Kelowna, it is expected to reach temperatures as high as 35°C on Thursday afternoon, resulting in a stark difference from what those in the north will be experiencing. 

According to the Weather Network, due to two different fronts hitting the area, it will truly feel like there are two completely different seasons hitting the province at the same time.  

Northern B.C. will be hit with a blast of cold air that is coming in from the North West Territories, while southern B.C. will be getting hit with warm air moving in from the southwestern areas of the United States. 

For those living up North, at least the snow brings the perfect excuse to host a belated Christmas in July party. 

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