Students at Brock University are in for a tense first week back to school as a result of what transpired over the holiday break. That being the discovery that students made about sexual predator and former Brock professor, Dr. Schimmelpenninck. The prof was not only allowed back on campus following the allegations but will also be teaching a course during the winter 2019 semester

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The decision by Brock University was quickly met with outrage by both students and alumni, as well as students from other schools. Brock released a statement claiming they did not have the power to bar Schimmelpenninck from returning to work. But, students still criticized the university for allowing the professor to quietly resume teaching without warning those enroled in his class.

With students now back on campus, it was revealed by local St. Catherines radio station 610 CKTB that Brock University students are planning a formal protest. The protest is being organized by BrockOPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) and BrockSJC (Brock Student Justice Centre), who are both groups that focus on student and social justice. 

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While the details of the protest haven't been solidified just yet, the BrockSJC has organized a meeting today for students who are looking to get involved, meaning the students' response is expected to be revealed quite soon. 

Via Brock University

Even with all of the negative attention surrounding Dr. Schimmelpenninck, his class numbers aren't suffering as much as one would believe. As of this morning, there are only 5 seats left in his 'War and Peace in the Modern Age". Regardless of his class numbers, Schimmelpenninck is not arriving back on campus quietly and its clear students aren't going to take his return laying down. 


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