Canadian singer Bryan Adams is facing severe criticism on social media right now, after posting an extremely controversial message on Twitter and Instagram on Monday. Bryan Adams’ tweet blamed the COVID-19 pandemic on “bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards.” The Twitter post has since been deleted.

This article contains content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes some offensive language.

“Bryan Adams” was trending across social media on Tuesday morning after the singer posted an expletive-filled attack on Chinese people across his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Sharing a snippet of him singing Cuts Like a Knife, the 60-year-old expressed his frustration that he would have to postpone three shows at the Royal Albert Hall in London, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

"Tonight was supposed to be the beginning of a tenancy of gigs at the @royalalberthall,” Adams began.

“... But thanks to some f*cking bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards, the whole world is now on hold," the singer continued.

Adams concluded the offensive note by adding, "My message to them other than 'thanks a f*cking lot' is go vegan."

The post was active on both Instagram and Twitter for almost twelve hours, before eventually being deleted from Twitter.

At the time of writing, the Instagram video was still available to view.

Almost immediately, Adams’ tweet was met with widespread criticism, as social media users accused him of suggesting China was solely responsible for his personal inconveniences.

Amy Go, president of the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice, described the post as “so, so, so, so racist."

"People look up to public figures. He is seen as an idol by many," Go explained. "It justifies this racist hatred against Chinese.”

Similar observations have been made across social media platforms, as many people accused the singer of racism.

One Twitter user wrote, "I was today old when I found out Bryan Adams is a racist."

Another added, "Bryan Adams' racist xenophobic tirade has been up for 10 hours now. Damage has been done."

A third shared a similar message, tweeting, "Bryan Adams did a racism."

Last month, Canadian fitness brand Lululemon issued an apology after a senior staff member was caught posting offensive and racist COVID-19 related posts on social media.

“We want to apologize that an employee was affiliated with promoting an offensive t-shirt," the company stated at the time.

"We hold our values at our core and find the image and post inexcusable,” Lululemon added.

At the time of writing, no apology had been issued by Bryan Adams or his team.

Several social media users publicly reached out to the Royal Albert Hall in London, urging them to cancel Adams' postponed shows.

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