Burger King now holds the key to Canada's heart and it's a combination of two of our favourite things -  funnel cake and fries.  Now at Burger King restaurants across the country, you'll find a new dessert item on their menu for a limited time. Burger King Funnel Cake Fries have officially made their way to Canada.

Burger King's Funnel Cake Fries will have the carnival-style funnel cake taste that you know and love, only in french fry form. They're made with a funnel cake batter,  then deep fried to perfection - crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. Finally, they're topped with a dusting of powdered sugar.

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Burger King launched Funnel Cake Fries in the US last month, saying that they will only be on the menu for a limited time. "The fries will have all of the tasty aspects you love about funnel cake: hot, crispy, and topped off with powdered sugar, but in french fry form," they said in their announcement.

Via BurgerKing.ca

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Burger King announced that one order of Funnel Cake Fries costs $1.99 USD, about $2.64 CAD. Based on what we've seen on Twitter, it seems like they've gotten a pretty positive response in the States. Here's a sneak peek of what we can expect:

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Be sure to get your hands on Burger King's Funnel Cake Fries while you can. You already know we will. Stay tuned for a taste review!


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