If you've been looking for food inspiration, the Prime Minister has some tips for you. Buy Canadian is what Justin Trudeau is asking Canadians to do now. So basically stock up on local cheese, fish and other products from the true north.

During his daily press conference outside of Rideau Cottage, Trudeau addressed the struggles of those in Canada's fishing industries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That included an announcement on funding for businesses in those sectors, like almost $470 million for fish harvesters, and other supports for farmers and agri-food companies.

The Prime Minister had a simple request for all Canadians when it comes to supporting those industries.

"To everyone who wants to show their support, buy Canadian. Pick up some Canadian cheese to help a local dairy farmer, have a fish fry or buy Canadian lobster," Trudeau said.

He also mentioned that there's a pretty good trade-off when it comes to buying local.

"Not only will it taste great, but it will help the people who keep food on our plates," he said.

So, if you're able and grocery store shelves are stocked, the Prime Minister wants you to choose Canadian products over ones from other countries.

Trudeau noted that Canadians have faced challenges over the last two months.

"Just take workers in the fisheries industry. You can't harvest lobster from inside your house," he said.

That leaves people with the decision to either figure out how to space people out on boats or cancel operations altogether.

When it comes to dairy products, there are so many ways to support Canadian makers.

That could be buying milk made right here in the true north or munching on poutine with cheese curds that were made locally.

Ontario even has an official Ice Cream Trail that's all about buying local.

It's a partnership between the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and local ice cream shops to promote spots that are Canadian owned and only use Canadian dairy.

Other parts of Canada's food sector have been hit hard by the pandemic like beef and potato farmers.

Outbreaks at a beef plant have led to McDonald's sourcing beef from suppliers and facilities outside of Canada.

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