A bar in Kamloops, B.C. is drawing a lot of attention for its upcoming themed party. Cactus Jack's Nightclub's "CEOs and Office Hoes" party is scheduled for Friday, January 17. The venue's Facebook page has since been inundated with comments calling the party sexist and inappropriate.

The nightclub asked for men to come wearing a suit or blazer, a "collard" shirt, and dress pants or jeans.

Women are asked to wear either a dress, blouse, skirt or pants, and heels.

Since its inception, the event posting has collected over 200 comments on Facebook.

"This is completely revolting. The overtly sexist advertising in the bar is bad enough. I'm never going back," reads one comment on the Facebook posting.

"So basically what your saying is women who feel educated and empowered in 2020 by being just as successful and respected should be referred to as the OFFICE HO ?! WOW," commented another.

When contacted by the CBC for comment, the nightclub responded by Facebook Messenger that people who are concerned about the theme should message them on Facebook.

"We will also keep the event page up so people can see the responses to it," wrote the nightclub to CBC.

Some people in the comments speculated whether the event was meant to intentionally draw bad publicity as a marketing ploy.

Others remarked that women are just as able to become powerful CEOs as men are allowed to perform as the office hoe.

"Would they have gone for a theme that had men as powerless objects of fun for women who called all the shots?" wrote one commenter.

This nightclub also advertises "topless bullriding every Thursday" and paired their "naughty or nice" Christmas party posting with pictures of scantily clad women.

"It's disappointing to see that in the age of #MeToo and Time's Up and so many advances in women's rights that we're still trying to combat this," said Alix Dolson, organizer of the annual Kamloops Women's March, to CBC.

Not all the comments on the posting were critical, however. Some people expressed excitement over the event, and others wrote that people were being too sensitive.

"HAHAHAA AWESOME! Got to find a tie! 🤔," wrote one commenter.

Narcity has reached out to Cactus Jack's via Facebook, email, and phone for comment. This article will be updated when we receive their reply.

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