This has to be the craziest story that I've read in a while. On Saturday afternoon, a Calgary man came across something crazy when he was doing some yard work in his backyard. 

The man and his son were digging out an old stump in their backyard when they discovered an object that was about 30 cm below the ground's surface. 

At first, they believed the object was a rock but realized they were quickly wrong. Once they picked up the object and realized that it may be a live explosive, they quickly called the police.

Bomb technicians with the Calgary Police Service arrived on the scene. As you can see in the picture, it looks as if the pin inside the grenade, which makes it appear as if the grenade could still be live. 

Police said it was determined that the grenade was "most likely" a live explosive and the object was removed from the community.

Police had the area blocked off for hours as officers worked to ensure the safety of the residents nearby.

Source: Canoe

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