When Albertans head to the polls today, more than a dozen of them will be in for a special treat. A new group called "Democracy Donuts" is giving out delicious — and free — pastries to voters at five polls across the province to encourage early voting. Twitter was sprinkled with shots of people taking advantage of the opportunity and the photos of Alberta's "Democracy Donuts" will be sure to whet your appetite. 

The idea of dishing out free donuts to encourage people to vote began last year on Twitter as a joke. Mike Morrison noticed the incredible line for free Stampede pancakes and thought, why can't this lure people the polls too?

He teamed up with a few friends and launched a GoFundMe to make his idea a (delicious reality). "Calgary-based voting- and donut-enthusiasts" Jeremy FokkensJason KrellMike Morrison and Emma Stevens were able to raise $2,700 towards the non-partisan pastries.

"It’s our way of encouraging everyone to visit the polls and then bring them together on something they can agree on - DONUTS!" Emma Stevens said on the fundraising page.

The sweets come from Calgary's Hoopla Donuts and 20 dollars buys donuts for ten voters. The group plans on distributing the donuts at five polling locations this year, but they're hoping to reach more next year. 

Hungry voters were quick to share photos of their democracy desserts on social media, posting sugary shots from nearly every polling location.

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