We’ve all seen a movie or two where someone plays the part of a mole on the inside of the government or a corporation to steal things.

Well a Calgary bank teller was planning on attempting to live the real life version of that by planning to rob the bank that she worked at.

Unfortunately for her it didn’t really work out and now she’s facing some serious consequences. 

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Back in 2014 Kenza Belakziz was working at a BMO in Calgary when she began to plan the bank heist.

She gave confidential information about the bank’s security to her now ex-boyfriend Saleem Nasery and two men named Lucas Windsor and Matthew Valdes.

This information included a complete list of employees who would be present during the heist, the layout of the bank and the various locations where money was stored in the bank. 

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In November of 2014 Nasery, Windsor and Matthew Valdes carried out the plan, holding employees at gun point, tying others up and putting $12,000 into two bags.

Unfortunately police had already set up outside and arrested the three men.

Police initially believed that Belakziz was a victim in the robbery, until it came to light that she was actually in on it the whole time. 

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She’s been sentenced to 18 months in prison, a sentence her lawyers say makes it possible for Canada to deport her to Morocco, a country she has not been in since she was a child. 

She has appealed the sentence in the hopes of getting it reduced to less than 6 months to remain in Canada. 

Source: Toronto Sun

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