Do you have a great sense of smell? Do you like ice cream? Then, man, do we have the perfect job for you!

A Dairy Queen owner in Canada is trying to find the source of a smell he says has been stinking up his business for years.

So, he’s looking for anyone with nothing better to do than come in and follow their nose to help him, and you’ll be well rewarded if you do. 

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Sujad Bandali in Calgary is looking for someone with a keen sense of smell to come in and help him find the source of a bad odor that he says he’s been dealing with since he opened the business on 14 Street Northeast back in 2015.

And this is no ordinary smell apparently, according to Bandali, it changes.

He says that he’s smelled propane, hydrogen sulfide and some other kind of gas he can’t really identify. 

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Now before you go ‘well clearly there’s some kind of gas leak there and he should shut down right away before it blows up,’ Calgary’s fire department and a natural gas company have checked it for leaks multiple times and found nothing.

So now Bandali is turning to ordinary people who want to stick their nose literally in his business. 

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If you help him find the source of the smell he’ll give you one free blizzard every week for a whole year.

Totally worth it, just sniff around and get free ice cream right? Sign us up. 

Source: CTV

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