A family has not been made welcome in their neighbourhood because of their racial background. A Canadian family is receiving disturbing racist letters that threaten to keep harassing them unless they move out. The family currently lives in Leduc, Alberta. 

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The letters are racially charged and highly disturbing. "We see you in your house and you portray an Indian lifestyle. This is not accepted here," the letter reads, according to CTV News. It also threatens them to move out or the harassment will continue. "This will not stop until you are gone. Move out."

The letter contains several racially charged remarks. "If you cannot take care of your property then go back to the Indian reservation where it is accepted," it reads. "We gave you land and you need to respect the generosity."

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The incident has even resulted in the mayor of Leduc, Alberta speaking up about the letter. Deputy Mayor Bill Hamilton released an official statement about the situation and expressed his disappointment. 

"On behalf of Leduc City Council and city administration, I want to express our deep disappointment that a letter like this has been sent to an Indigenous family in our community," wrote the mayor in his statement. "This letter does not represent the spirit of our community, which is one of diversity and inclusion". 

The mayor added that racism is not tolerated in the town. "Our city prides itself on being a caring community that is welcoming and supportive of every person in the community – no matter age, sexual orientation, or ethnic background," reads the statement. "We do not tolerate any kind of hateful behaviour". 

This incident is reminiscent of a different one that took place also in Alberta. A few months ago, a family in St. Alberta, Alberta moved houses after they received extremely threatening racist letters. The letter they received read, "This isn't a reserve. Go back to the reserve where Indians belong". It also threatened them to move out, saying "Move out or things will escalate. Would not want to see your kids getting hurt". 

The 13-year-old of Jimmy Assiniboine’s family found the letter on their doorstep on New Year’s Day. He was completely shocked by it. "I didn’t know that people still did this," he told CTV News. "I thought they were done with that."

This isn't the first time the family has experienced harassment, according to CTV News. For instance, their car tires have been tampered with before. However, it appears that they are looking to stay put despite the threats. "We need to stay here," the 13-year-old said. "Or we’ll show them that we’re easy to push out." 

The RCMP are now investigating the incident, according to the mayor's statement

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