A Canadian police officer landed in some hot water this week after attending a gala for females in the force. All members of society are expected to follow the rules of the road and it was certainly no different when this police officer rolled into a check-stop last night. 

Const. Amanda Hill, a 20-year old working in Calgary, was taking part in the 2018 International Association of Women Police Conference being hosted in the city when she was caught driving while impaired on Wednesday night. 

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The constable arrived at the checkpoint at around 11:30 PM after attending the IAWP Gala evening at Girletz Rodeo Ranch. Online, the event states that "transportation will be provided" and was running at any time during the event, which ran for six hours between 6:00 PM and 12:30 AM. 

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The Calgary Police released a statement about the incident this afternoon as an effort to be transparent with the public. Hill, while attending the police force event, was off-duty at the time of her arrest. 

Police are currently reviewing the case and legally have to allow Hill the right to a fair trial. She is currently been relieved of her duties but remains on pay at this time. 

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