A Calgary woman pushed another woman in front of a public transit train and the incident has left the victim paralyzed. The attacker was a 35-year-old woman named Stephanie Favel and she has now been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and breach of probation. The incident took place last week at a Calgary Ctrain platform on November 9th. Favel was taken into custody by a transit officer, according to The Globe and Mail

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The daughter of the victim told Global News that Favel has been previously released for a different attempted murder charge despite her history of assault. "This person was released," she added. "She’s got an extensive history. Why was she allowed to be out to harm an innocent, elderly, disabled bystander?" 

This isn't the first violent assault by 35-year-old Stephanie Favel. She was also charged for attempted murder two years ago in 2016, according to Global News, but has since been released. 

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Stephanie Favel has been charged with attempted murder on Thursday after she pushed Rozalia Meichl, a 64-year-old woman, in front of a public transit train in Calgary, CBC News reports. According to the police, the attack was random and the two did not know each other. The train stopped before it hit the senior, but this incident has still left Meichl unable to ever walk again, according to Global News

Canadians are completely outraged over the incident. On a Reddit thread, many people expressed their frustration with Favel walking free after her 2016 attempted murder charge. "This woman was charged with attempted murder in 2016. Walking around freely in 2018", wrote Redditor _niko. The comment got over 200 points. 

Check out more of the reactions from Redditors below. 

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

The family is heartbroken about what happened to Meichl. "I want justice for my mom, for sure," her daughter Charmaine Newman told Global News. "My mom wouldn’t hurt a fly."

There is now a GoFundMe page set up by the family to help support the victim. Since the fundraiser was uploaded on November 9th, over $20,000 has been raised by over 400 people to help with rehabilitation, medical bills and long-term care. Many people have posted their support for the family on the campaign page. 

Source: Global News

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