Sometimes the universe gives you the exact news you need to hear. 

We came across a turtle for adoption at the Calgary Humane Society and honestly, you better get out of our way. 


Hey there! I'm Colonel Mustard and I'm a yellow belly slider that would love to come splash around at home with you! 

Colonel Mustard, Calgary Humane Society

Colonel Mustard is just a baby, so be warned that she may get as big as 10-inches and will need lots of space. 

She's got nothing to hide and is very clear about how much responsibility is involved to adopt her. "Similar to most turtles, I can live for a very long time (upwards of 20 years) so please be prepared for the commitment," says her bio

Owning exotic pets like this takes a special person, so you'll need to fill out an application. You should probably know that there are also two chickens looking for homes. 

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