A woman from Calgary is furious after her cat got away before an Air Canada flight in Sydney, N.S.

On Tuesday, September 1, Amy Marsh and her two-year-old daughter were set to head from Sydney to Calgary and were travelling with their tabby cat and dog, says CBC News.

I just want my cat back, but what they're doing is not right.

Amy Marsh

Apparently, Marsh and her daughter were waiting in line to board the plane when an Air Canada employee told her that her cat had escaped while they were attempting to load the cargo. 

After trying to locate the pet with no luck, Marsh delayed her flight a couple of days to look for the pet and discovered that her kennel had been damaged while possibly going through the X-ray machine. 

The airline told CBC that they have "gone above and beyond trying to locate the customer's cat." They have refunded the pet's travel fees and paid for the damages to the kennel. Though, Marsh doesn't think they're doing enough and was declined a refund and instead given a $750 travel voucher.

Via CBC News

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