Despite it being the end of June, the official Canadian summer, and nice and hot across the rest of the country, this Canadian province just doesn’t seem to have had the memo that winter is gone! In fact, an Alberta hail storm has left quarter-sized hail and flash flooding in its wake. Oh, Alberta.

Residents in the southwest of the province have been urged to take shelter, as Environment Canada warned this afternoon of a severe thunderstorm, with very strong winds and significantly large hail. It seems as the afternoon progresses, the bad weather has come through thick and fast, with reports online of hail falling that is the size of quarters!

This comes after a number of advisories were also put into place yesterday by Environment Canada for several areas in BC and Alberta. The weather warnings included severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, and strong winds.

The stormy weather is expected to last throughout the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, with chances of the warning being spread from southwestern Alberta further north and west. 

According to the report from Environment Canada, large hail is dangerous to both people and property. The report says that strong wind gusts can toss loose objects, damage weak buildings, break branches off trees and overturn large vehicles. It also reminds Canadians that severe thunderstorms are able to produce tornadoes, and heavy downpours can cause flash floods and water pooling on roads. The statement ended with the catchphrase, “Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors!”

At the time of publishing, the severe thunderstorm watch remained in effect for Cyprus Hills Provincial Park - Foremost and also Medicine Hat - Bow Island - Suffield. There are also rainfall warnings in place for many other parts of Alberta.

Now, the people of Medicine Hat and the other parts of Alberta that are seeing this nasty weather have. taken to Twitter this afternoon to share their experiences of the storms so far today.

Several Twitter users in the area continue to upload videos of the storm, and in particular the crazy hail. You'll want to turn up your volume for the following videos!

For updated alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada, you can visit their website here. To report severe weather, you can send an email to or tweet reports using #ABStorm.

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