Canada's winter felt especially brutal this year, and unfortunately, even with the changing of the seasons, the winter weather continued to reign down on provinces across Canada. One province in particular will definitely feel the effects of winter this weekend as April comes to an end. Alberta will see up to 30 cm of snowfall this weekend. 

Winter is far from over in Alberta, even though spring is supposed to be in full swing and May is only days away. The Weather Network is reporting that Alberta will see up to 30 cm of snowfall accumulation this weekend from Friday to Sunday.

The southern regions of Alberta will see winter in full force this weekend. The Banff area is expected to recieve 20 to 30 cm of snowfall, while Calgary will be hit with 10 to 15 cm of snow, according to The Weather Network.

Cities in the more northern parts of Alberta will luckily avoid the winter weather. Clearly, spring is not happening in the southern areas of this province. 

This weather is a dramatic change from the nice, summer-like weather southern Alberta has been experiencing lately. Just this past weekend, Calgary saw temperatures reach around 20ºC, giving Calgarians a nice, warm break from the harsh winter weather. 

However, it looks like there ain't no rest for the wicked, because winter will overtake spring once again this upcoming weekend. Brace yourselves, Albertans! You're in for a wild weather ride. 

Check out the snow forecast from The Weather Network below for Alberta this weekend. 

"Southern Alberta is no stranger to changeable weather and, while it might be hard to believe it after basking in Tuesday's 20-degree high temperatures, it looks like one of those big changes is just ahead on the horizon," says The Weather Network.

"An infusion of cold air is on its way into the region for the rest of the week, with the coldest set to arrive as we head into the weekend -- just in time to bring the risk for widespread snow back into the forecast."

Alberta is not the only province expected to see some winter weather this weekend. Cold temperatures and some snowfall are also in the forecast for Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Good luck to you Albertans! Here's hoping spring weather makes a comeback in your province soon. 

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