Many Alberta politicians gathered on Thursday, October 1 to celebrate the launch of a portion of Calgary's southwest ring road. 

During the press conference, an Albertan Indigenous man who is from the area shared his thoughts about the road opening. 

"The ring road is built on my family's land," he said. 

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At around the 25:00 mark of the CBC News stream you can hear his remarks about the road opening. 

"Today is not a good day," he said. 

He proceeded to read a letter written by his mother. The letter outlines the history of their family in relation to the land where the ring road was built. 

"Imagine your home and history being removed all in the name of progress," the 26-year-old said. 

He finished off his remarks by proceeding to cut his braids and lay them on the road. "With this, I leave a piece of me with the road," he said. 

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