Alberta's new mask initiative hasn't made the best first impression. Merely days after it went into effect, Alberta's drive-thru mask program is already receiving backlash. On Tuesday, June 9, complaints emerged online that the masks available at McDonald's, A&W, and Tim Hortons' drive-thrus are being dished out in the dozens, even just to single customers. 

According to the Government of Alberta, anyone should be able to go to a McDonald's, A&W, or Tim Horton's drive-thru and get a package of free masks.

"Masks are being distributed on the honour system, and people are asked to respect the limit of one package of four masks per Albertan to ensure everyone who wants masks can get them," mentioned the news release. 

But it appears that some locations are giving away these masks like they're going out of style. 

A Twitter user wrote, "Can confirm @YourAlberta drive-thru masks are a disaster. The McDonald’s I went to in #yyc is giving out a bag FULL of 10 packs of 4 masks and closing window before I could even correct them. I will do my best to distribute them to friends and family that have not received them." 

Another user on the platform said, "So a customer gave me a Tim Horton’s card, used it today for a coffee since I slept in and didn't get to make my own. At the drive-through they tossed 40 masks at me with my ashtray water. Very efficient way to distribute supplies paid by taxpayers you guys!"

Narcity spoke to Tom McMillan, a media representative for Alberta Health, who said, "We know that mistakes can occasionally happen as the masks are distributed, and we appreciate Albertans bringing any issues to our attention."

He also added, "The instructions state that drive-thru partners can give a single individual up to 10 allotments if requested for family and friends."

McMillan said that it all depends on how many masks does each customer asks for. "If, for example, only two allotments are requested then only two allotments should be provided," he told us. 

He then went on to say that if anytime Alberta Health becomes aware of a specific incident at a specific location, they work quickly with their corporate partners to address the situation. 

He said the Albertan government is aware of the "various concerns that have been expressed on social media," he said. 

According to the Calgary Herald, McDonald's Canada is aware that certain customers received a far greater number of masks than is permitted or requested. They said that they're learning and corresponding with restaurant teams to ensure protocol is followed. 

Tim Hortons, meanwhile, deferred to the Alberta Government to provide a statement on this matter. 

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