A massive protest took place on Calgary's streets on Monday, June 1. The local Black Lives Matter chapter has been sharing information and images from the protest. On June 2, Black Lives Matter Calgary told people who attended the protest to get tested for COVID-19. 

The advisory was made on the group's Instagram page

The photo in the post shows tons of people gathered for the protest. On top of the photo is a text box that reads: 

"If you attended the protest on Monday (June 1), please get tested the following Monday (June 8). This will give enough time for COVID-19 to show up on your results if you have contracted it." 

The message goes to tell the protesters that even if they aren't showing any symptoms, they should get tested. "If you have any flu like symptoms, stay home and self isolate, don't come to any other protest," the message read. 

"You can show your support from home in many ways," it concluded. 

The caption attached read, "This is just another safety measure the people need to take. We don’t know of any positive cases that were at the protest." 

In response to a comment asking "Is this precautionary or was there a positive patient at the rally?" the Black Lives Matter chapter in Calgary responded, "This is precautionary, we don't know of any positive cases at the protest." 

As announced by the Government of Alberta on May 29, anyone in Alberta can get tested for COVID-19, whether they have symptoms or not. 

Following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, people around the world have been taking to the streets.  

As per current provincial rules in Alberta, outdoor gatherings with more than 50 people are not allowed. And even then, they're supposed to maintain a distance of six feet away from one another. 

Though, the Calgary Police Service offered their support for the protest, saying, "It is part of our Canadian democratic rights and it was an honour to support those fundamental freedoms."

Some officers were even spotted kneeling during the event.  

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health, addressed the protest in a press conference on June 1.

According to Dr. Hinshaw, any event where people are gathered together has the potential for spreading COVID-19.

"It’s important whether people are exercising their democratic right to protest, whether people are gathering with family or whether people are attending any outdoor gathering of any nature, that as much as possible, we are all protecting each other by making sure that, as much as possible, the two-metre distance is being observed," she said. 

She noted that if it's not possible to maintain the two-metre rule, then people should wear masks

According to Global News, more than 1500 people showed up for the protest in Calgary on June 1. 

Chants such as "say his name" and "black lives matter" could be heard in the demonstrations, said Global News. 

More gatherings are also planned in the city. There is a "Black Lives Matter Vigil" happening on Saturday, June 6, according to Calgary Black Lives Matter

Another protest is set to take place on the same day as well. 

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