Many Calgarians know that floating down the Bow River in the summer is practically tradition. Getting together with friends, hopping on a floatie, and soaking up the sun is the best way to spend a warm summer afternoon here!

Currently though, The Calgary Fire Department has advised against partaking in any boating or watercraft activities on the Bow due to a flow rate that is higher than average

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The river is currently flowing at 298 cubic metres per second, which is a rate much higher than usual for this time of year. A spokesperson from the Calgary Fire Department, Carl Henke explained by saying:

"Runoff from melting snow in the mountains is causing cold-water temperatures, and when combined with high flow rates makes the river conditions dangerous."

The Bow River will be closely monitored by the Calgary Fire Department Aquatics Team. But for the time being, officials suggest that Calgarians avoid the river altogether for now. Officials even suggest to avoid river banks, as they could easily collapse and erode due to the rapid-moving water.

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The Calgary Fire Department is also taking this time to remind Calgarians to always proceed with caution when in the water, no matter what the circumstances may be. They would also like to remind you that life jackets should always be worn, and alcohol or other intoxicants should not be consumed while on the water. 

If you're interested in learning more, the bylaws and safety alerts for bodies of water in the City of Calgary can be found here.

Source: Global News

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