Clearly, mother nature's New Year's resolution was not to give Albertans a break. Now that we've tasted winter temperatures in the positives and experienced a gloriously warm and white Christmas, winter is clapping back hard and there are some Calgary area weather warnings in effect that you may want to be aware of.

The weather warning includes only a tiny portion of the province which falls upon areas surrounding Calgary including Brooks, Strathmore, Vulcan, Drumheller, and Three Hills. 

When the warnings were originally issued, the city of Calgary was one of the regions included. The warning for Calgary has since been lifted, but neighbouring cities aren't quite as lucky.

Environment Canada warns of snow squalls today, Thursday, January 2. Snow squalls are described as "when bands of snow form that produce intense accumulating snow or near zero visibilities," according to the warning.

Therefore, you can expect big dumps of snow and less-than-ideal driving conditions if you’re planning to be in any of the areas mentioned above. 

The warning explains that Highway 1 will be affected by the weather as the squalls move quickly from west to east. If you were planning on hitting the highway today, it might be wise to look into alternative options. 

The squalls are anticipated to shift the weather quickly and unpredictably throughout the day. “Changes from clear skies to heavy snow within just a few kilometres are common,” says the warning.

So, if you're getting behind the wheel, you should rely on the weather alerts to tell you what's up rather than taking a peek outside. Apparently what you see is not what you get in these rapidly changing conditions.

Albertans are no strangers to harsh winter weather. Calgary has been hit with a number of storms already this winter, and Edmonton has had it even tougher, with a bleak fall and an even worse winter so far.

Although, for Alberta as a whole, the long-term winter weather forecast actually says we will be having a warmer winter than usual, with more snow than we've had in the past few years. So, basically a skier's dream conditions.

If you're a nervous winter driver, today might not be the day to travel in Alberta. Though, Alberta drivers are pretty used to this sort of thing.

Keep your eyes on the forecast, check out the road conditions, and stay safe out there, folks!

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