If you live in inner-city Calgary, you may want to take some extra precautions to protect your home from being broken into. Calgary break-in rates have skyrocketed in inner-city communities this year. Since the rates have increased, Calgarians are coming together to protect their homes. 

According to data from the Calgary Police Service, a number of neighborhoods near Calgary’s downtown are getting hit hard with domestic break-ins. While the immediate downtown core has actually experienced fewer break-ins than usual this year, the surrounding areas haven't been so lucky. 

Communities such as Sunnyside, Capitol Hill, Southview, Briar Hill, Mount Pleasant, and Upper Mount Royal have been experiencing an influx of burglaries. So much so, some communities are even banding together to form groups and initiatives to help bridge the problem.

Many of the impacted communities have had break-in rates increase by somewhere around 20-90 percent from the five-year average. Though, Glendale has actually seen an increase of over 132 percent. It is not certain why break-in numbers have climbed only in these specific areas.

Though, many dwellings in Calgary’s downtown core are located in apartment buildings, therefore making them harder to break into multiple barriers to entry. In the impacted areas, Upper Mount Royal, for example, you will find larger single-family homes with street-facing front doorways.

Upper Mount Royal has actually seen the highest break-in rates this year. More specifically, they’ve experienced 22.4 break-ins per 1000 homes. If you've ever strolled through that neighborhood, you know just how beautiful those homes are and just how tragic these burglaries must be for those impacted.

As we mentioned, concerned residents of the vulnerable areas have begun forming action groups to combat burglary in their areas.

According to CBC News, individuals who dwell in the nearby Rideau Park and Roxboro communities have started online initiatives such as bulletins about suspicious behavior, protection reminders, and more. Apparently, something similar is happening in Mount Pleasant, as well.

The Calgary Police have also started sharing bulletins to help YYC locals keep track of potential threats.

Though these tragic and troubling numbers won't help you sleep easy, knowing the community and law enforcement have your backs just might. Be sure to lock up, close your windows when you're not home or when you're sleeping, and keep those security systems armed. 

Stay safe, Calgary!

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