The largest carshare organization in Canada is coming to Calgary. 

Communauto announced on Thursday, August 27, that they're launching their operations in Calgary starting immediately.  The previous Calgary carsharing service, Car2Go, packed up and left last fall.

Starting today, an initial fleet of 150 cars will be deployed.


The company said that they've implemented a three-tier price structure for on-street parking. 

The fleet will be in an area covering 26 square kilometres from 50 Avenue S.W. to 21 Avenue N.W., and from 37 Street S.W. to 17 Street S.E.

The first tier is $450 per year, per car, and will allow drivers to park their vehicles in unpaid and residential permit spaces. It won't include the downtown core. 

The second tier is $840 per year, per car and allows parking in residential zones, both metered and unmetered. It doesn't include the downtown core either. The third tier costs $1,440 and includes the downtown core, as well as all priced areas and residential areas. 

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