Over the weekend on Saturday, a suspicious house explosion killed a father and a daughter in Calgary. Just a couple of hours before the fatal fire, the Calgary daughter tweeted out a disturbing message. Police believe that the fire, which took place in the city’s Northwest district of Kincora, was not an accident.

According to the Calgary Police, emergency crews arrived at around 2 PM in the afternoon after receiving calls from neighbours regarding an explosion and fire. 

Two people were found dead at the scene while a third person was suffering injuries. The injured female was transported to the hospital with serious and potentially life-threatening injuries related to the fire. 

Police have revealed that the fire and explosion are believed to be “domestic-related” and not accidental. CBC spoke with friends and neighbours to discover that daughter Dorsa Dehadri and father Heidra, were the victims of the incident.

Following the fire, Dorsa’s personal Twitter account has been brought to attention. According to the Calgary Sun, Dorsa tweeted out about being tortured just hours before the incident took place. 

In the tweet translated from Farsi to the Calgary Sun, Dorsa stated that she was being “tortured" by her father. 

“I wish it from bottom of my heart that my dad drops dead at once so he wouldn’t torture us anymore. I don’t have nerve to tolerate it anymore,” said the tweet that was translated by the Calgary Sun. 

The tweet was posted at 11:55 AM on that same Saturday, just around two hours before the fire. At around 2 PM, emergency crews arrived at the house to find Dorsa and her father's body. 

Following the explosion, documents have surfaced that show Heidra’s wife filed for divorce just one month ago. 

Although police have not released the details surrounding the deaths, neighbours have come forward to say that Dorsa’s sister Dorna was badly injured from the blaze. She is now in the hospital in critical condition. 

Following the fire, neighbours and loved ones held a vigil in Kincora. Red and pink ribbons were tied around trees to represent the favourite colours of the girls. 

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