If you've ever spent time driving in Calgary, or in Alberta in general, you know to expect some pretty wacky things on the road. The Deerfoot Trail freeway in Calgary is especially known for having hectic traffic, construction, and other such issues that may have a driver pulling their hair out. An especially mind-boggling Calgary Deerfoot driving video emerged on Reddit this Thursday, January 2 and you will not believe your eyes when you see it.

The video begins with a few cars driving along the freeway in the dim morning light. It's early enough that it's still a little dark and the streetlights are illuminated.

All of a sudden, it becomes extremely apparent which vehicle we're supposed to be watching and things escalate rapidly.

First, we see an SUV speed from the left lane, across the right lane, over a snowy area separating the freeway, and onto the exit ramp.

Once the vehicle gets over to the parallel road, it fishtails out and collides with its rear end into a massive streetlight. The giant light pole falls down to the ground and the SUV is stopped in its tracks.

Though the time stamp on the video says 2015, the person who posted it to Reddit commented below, saying the time stamp is wrong and that it's from today.

The video is shocking for so many reasons. Firstly, travelling from the left lane all the way through another lane and a patch of land to get to another road that runs parallel is a seriously dangerous move, let alone in the winter in Alberta.

Secondly, when you start to watch the video, you assume that stunt is the wildest part of the footage, and it would have totally sufficed to shock us, but it doesn't end there. When the car hits the light pole, we're shocked again.

Then, we're shocked a third time when the pole crashes down. Basically, this video has left us speechless.

A number of Redditors have pointed out in the comments that the streetlight that the car took out was the only one that wasn't lit.

"Hilarious! Random dangerous drivers have to take out the street lights just so the city will change the bulb!" wrote one user. "At least they took out a light that was already not working!" wrote another.

We know driving in Alberta can be tough when it comes to the winter road conditions, but if you drive carefully enough, accidents like this are definitely avoidable. Stay safe out there!

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