One Calgarian had a close call at a local park while walking their pets. After one dog found meat on the ground, its walker was shocked to find a needle was hidden inside. Now police are investigating and looking for more spiked treats in the Calgary dog park.

A photo of the pin-laced hot dog was posted to Reddit on Tuesday, May 26, by user u/jackackjack. According to Calgary Police, the discovery was made sometime on Monday morning, May 25, near Votier's Flats in Fish Creek Park.

The original Reddit poster told Narcity their dogs made the discovery while out on their morning walk.

"They are quite food motivated so pulled me towards the rock where the hotdog pieces were- a decorative rock near the condo driveway," they wrote via direct message.

"One dog picked up the piece with the pin it but let it go when I noticed and told her to drop it."

They said they investigated the meat after remembering rumours that someone had left out poisoned dog treats near condo grounds last year.

"That is when I noticed that there was a hole in the Center of it - and found the pin," they said. "Truly terrible and horrifying that anyone would intend to cause that kind of suffering."

Police arrived on the scene around 9 a.m., according to a press release. After searching, they discovered several other hot dog pieces in the area — but only the reported piece had a pin inside.

"People walking in the area with dogs or children are encouraged to supervise them closely in case there are other dangerous food items," wrote police in their statement. "The origin of the hotdog has not been determined."

Police are asking anyone with information to call their non-emergency line at 403-266-1234 or report anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time needle-filled meat was left near dog-friendly trails. It's happened before in B.C., too — thankfully no dogs were hurt there either.

While people were shocked someone would do something like this, at least no other spiked meats were found. Thankfully the hot dog didn't hurt anyone, human or dog.

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