CFD firefighters shared important fire safety tips about the holiday season in a hip-hop style music video that defies explanation. You just have to watch it. The Calgary Fire Department's Christmas music video is as cringey as they come but it's giving them some serious street cred just in time for the holidays.

The music video opens with four firefighters standing by their firetruck while a haze dissipates before them. They are all dressed in outfits I can only really describe as Santa's elves-meets-Cypress Hill.

There is something endearing about watching full-grown first responders dress up in elf costumes and act like a rap crew. We're so grateful that they decided to embarrass themselves in the name of community fire safety.

Their rap verses contain simple fire safety tips like don't leave cooking unattended and make sure your Christmas tree is well watered.

The first "rapper" is actually not so terrible and it gave me hope that the rest of the video would contain undiscovered rap talent pulled from the ranks of the Calgary Fire Department. 

That was false hope, however, and it got so much worse from there. It's baffling how a video can make you squirm and yet it's heartwarming.

While the video is only one minute and 38 seconds long, it feels like an eternity goes by when you watch.

The video is full of nuggets that you cannot unsee or un-hear.

Highlights include "When you're pluggin' in the lights/Don't overload the circuit!/The tree may ignite/then CFD would have to work it!"

It seems like their fire safety tip campaign is working because it's turning a lot of heads.

They say there's no such thing as bad publicity. After watching the video you definitely know a few tips to keep your home fire safe for the holidays.

Can't get enough of CFD's sick flows? Check out their previous EP drop, a lipsynch to a song called "Stand By Your Pan" that came out in October 2019.

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