Calgary and the surrounding area got hit with a massive thunderstorm yesterday that was like no other. The storm brought with it lightning, thunder, hail, and everything you expect from a crazy summer storm. 

Albertans were sharing their photos and videos of the storm and the aftermath on Twitter and it looks absolutely insane. 

People shared videos of their cars being pelted with hail and rain as they drove. You can see hail piling up on the vehicles, reducing visibility, and covering the highways completely as if it was winter. 

One tweet shows hail and rainwater even making its way into a building and pooling at the entrance. 

The storm completely flooded some streets in parts of Calgary, washing out roads entirely.  

Once the storm ended people were left with hail covering their properties and cars. Users shared photos of their backyards completely blanketed in white.

Even though the hail looks like snow, it doesn't always have to be cold out for it to fall but in Calgary, it has been. The temperature has been sitting in the mid-teens for a couple days now and more rain is still forecasted throughout the week. 

Thankfully the storm did have a happy ending, and one Twitter user was able to capture a nice rainbow after all the storm clouds. 


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