Are you ready to scream, Calgary? It's that time of  year again. Canada's largest and scariest fear fest is back this Halloween and it all starts tomorrow, October 14th. From haunted houses to coffin rides to escape rooms, Screamfest is guaranteed to scare the ever-living poop out of you. If you're into creepy makeup fx, insane costumes, and terrifying scares that'll definitely give you nightmares, then you definitely can't miss Screamfest this year.

Screamfest has insane tricks up its sleeve for you this year. If you're into Zombies, make sure you don't miss their Walking with the Walking Dead Haunted House. Let's just hope you and your squad are as badass as Daryl, Rick, Michonne, & Glenn. But if fighting off zombies isn't quite your forte, you can always spend some time at the Bates Motel, look for a flickering "[No] Vacancy" sign. You won't miss it.

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