If you used to go into work with the sniffles then you might have thought yourself a trooper, but during a pandemic, it's just a bad idea. One Calgary Mucho Burrito was shut down after officials found a worker had clocked in after they had been told to self-isolate and they had symptoms of COVID-19. 

In an order dated Friday, May 15, Alberta Health Services (AHS) closed the burrito shop on 130 9825 Fairmont Dr. in Calgary. They noted a bunch of issues including having a worker making food when they really shouldn't be.

 A member of staff "who had been required to self-isolate by Alberta Health was on site in the food preparation area," according to the notice.

AHS didn't answer whether the worker had tested positive for COVID-19. But they did confirm to Narcity the employee had symptoms of the novel coronavirus while at work, which is "a breach of the Chief Medical Officer of Health's order."

Plus, AHS wrote up the place after discovering a staff member had changed a baby's diaper in the food prep area. Finally, officials found that staff and customers weren't social distancing or following the province's guidelines.

The report said the food handlers stood within two metres of each other when preparing the meals. And there weren't enough "control measures" to help customers distance themselves; a narrow pathway forced patrons to pass close by each other.

Narcity reached the business owner for comment and will update this story.

Calgary's restaurants aren't reopening for dine-ins yet, but even if they are, they'd still need to have strict social distancing rules.

It seems this shop may miss the reopening date, however — officials immediately closed the restaurant until further notice.

In the meantime, the owners will have to completely sanitize their store. Then they must write a COVID-19 response plan, including staff sickness policies and screening, and give officers a full staff list and work schedule for the past two weeks.

Finally, they'll also have to make sure food prep areas are for food prep only, according to the notice.

"This includes, but is not limited to, child care and diapering." Please, change diapers where appropriate and not in food preparation areas.

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