Calling all cat lovers! YYC is officially opening its first ever cat cafe! Yes, you read that right. This spring, we will all be able to sip tea and knit with kitties like the true cat people we are all destined to be. We can already tell 2017 is gonna be a great year for Calgary.

Here's the low down on Calgary's first Cat Cafe: The cafe will be called Regal Cat Cafe (adorable, right?) and will be located at 303-10th Street NW, right inside Kensington. (Another stop on our Kensington Bucket List, perhaps?) Regal Cat Cafe will make its grand opening in Spring 2017 and will be the home to 10 super friendly and cuddly cats which you will be able to meet on the Regal Cat Cafe website once the cafe is launched!

Regal Cats Cafe is also cat-allergy friendly! There will be separate seating for those who would prefer to just look and not touch.

But the best part about Regal Cat Cafe is they are in partnership with the MEOW Foundation, and these kitties are adoptable! If you happen to fall in love with one of the kitties at Regal Cats - you are able to fill out an adoption application online and possibly land yourself a home full of fur babies.

As Sigmund Freud once said, "Time spent with cats is never wasted." and Regal Cats Cafe will definitely prove this to be true.

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