Be extra careful on the road. The Calgary Police Service announced on Tuesday, September 8, that they will be patrolling the streets hard for the whole month of September. 

As part of their "Safety Vehicles Initiative," they'll be pulling over many vehicles to conduct quick vehicle fitness checks. 

We will also be focusing on nuisance equipment violations such as insufficient mufflers and unnecessary noise from vehicles. 

Calgary Police Service

Per their Facebook post, most of the stops local police have conducted so far lasted under two minutes. 

CPS said that they'll be looking for things like "noisy vehicles," bald tires, insufficient tire tread, cracks in the windshield that may affect visibility, the functioning of the tail, head, and signal lights, and whether your windows are free of tint.

If you're caught breaking these rules, you "face an $81 fine and vehicle registration suspension until the issue is resolved."

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