If you’re a fan of hot pot, you might not want to hear this chilling tale. Alberta Health Services recently inspected a hot pot restaurant in Pacific Place Mall in Calgary’s northeast. As a result of some horrifying findings during the AHS inspection, the restaurant was issued a notice of closure on November 8, 2019. Not only was the restaurant filthy, but AHS found cockroaches all over the kitchen. The Calgary restaurant shut down has got us afraid of both cockroaches and hot pot until further notice.

The restaurant in question, Happy Lamb Hot Pot, was located at 100A 999 36 St. N.E. in Calgary. There is a possibility that Happy Lamb could open their doors once again, but before that can happen they have been ordered by AHS to address all of their health violations.

First and foremost, among the health violations was a big, disgusting violation that is giving us nightmares.

“Live and dead cockroaches were observed under the kitchen handwashing sinks, food preparation sinks, a chest freezer, in the cook line and dry storage area,” says the notice of closure from AHS.

Unfortunately, it does not end there. The AHS notice procedes to list seven more health violations that lead to the restaurant's forced closure.

In addition to the cockroach discovery, several other violations include insecticides being sprayed near where food is handled, a hole in the wall. “A container of chilli was stored on the floor and partially covered by a piece of soiled cardboard,” read another note from the inspection.

That last one is a bit of a curveball. Also, inside the pot of chilli was a bowl used to scoop it out.

According to MyHealth Alberta, “poor sanitation/housekeeping is a major factor that leads to infestation" of cockroaches.

“Cockroaches multiply very quickly. A mature female cockroach creates an 'egg case' that holds about 50 eggs,” states MyHealth Alberta.

If Happy Lamb Hot Pot is interested in reopening to the public, it must carry out a number of tasks outlined by AHS’s notice.

For example, they need to hire pest control, fix the holes in the wall, and get the chilli off the ground, to name a few.

If you're looking for the perfect place to take a date in Calgary this winter, you may need to look elsewhere. Winter is coming in Alberta and soon the bugs will be trying to force their way indoors to escape the cold.

Stay safe out there, Calgary.

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