Albertans are not afraid of a little adventure, even when the conditions are less than ideal. Some Calgary locals have been hitting up the city's rivers to surf and paddleboard despite the sub-zero temperatures. However, given the pandemic, Calgary river surfing enthusiasts are making sure that they follow physical distancing guidelines, both on the water and off. 

The photos say it all: these surfers are not messing around. Yes, it's freezing and there are large chunks of ice floating along the river, but when you're devoted to surfing, nothing gets in the way. 

The Alberta River Surfing Association (RSA) has given strict guidelines to anyone wanting to hop on the water at this time.

As of now, the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated social and physical distancing measures across the city, province, and country. 

While the global health crisis may be keeping many indoors, the weather hasn't exactly been appealing either. According to Time and Date, the temperature in Calgary reached as low as -9 C over the Easter long weekend. 

Regardless, Albertans have always shown a liking for outdoor activities. And surfing freezing rivers is no different. 

However, some changes did have to be made in order to make sure that river surfing was done as safely as possible. 

A recent post by RSA's told surfers to maintain a distance of three meters from each other near Calgary's "10th Street Wave."

Additionally, they were told not to surf in groups and to keep their surf times short so others can have a turn. 

People are also being encouraged to surf at off-peak times, although it's hard to tell when the off-peak times are. Just look at this brave surfer. 

Clearly, they're not afraid of throwing on a wet suit and taking on the frozen waters. 

The post is titled, "Calgarians truly are a different breed." And we can't agree more. 

This isn't the only example of river surfing in these frigid conditions. In a set of photos posted on RSA's account on April 2, more surfers were surfing Bow River in Calgary in winter-like conditions. 

Most of us are trying all sorts of ways to entertain ourselves while stuck indoors, and it looks like this crowd is having no problem keeping busy. 

Narcity spoke to Jacob Kelly Quinlan, an admin of RSA's page, who said, "Surfing is something like an addiction. It takes a lot more than cold weather to keep us out of the water."

With the right equipment, it's more than possible to keep surfing all year-round. 

He also said that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a decrease in river surfing but clearly, some are more determined than others. 

If you can't tell from the photo, they've used a surfboard to illustrate the distance of two meters which just couldn't be more on-brand. 

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