Calgary's brand-new app for commuters had a less-than-ideal launch. On July 1, Calgary Transit's MyFare app was supposed to be made available to users across the city. But it seems like locals were not pleased by some of the app's features. 

More specifically, the app was apparently only available on Android, not Apple. 

MyFare, as described by Calgary Transit, is supposed to be a more convenient and safer alternative for locals to pay their fares. 

It lets them purchase their tickets online and also display proof of payment on their smartphones. 

But on the day of the launch, Calgary Transit had to respond to a whole bunch of complaints that emerged on social media from disgruntled users. 

As a result, they're making some changes.

"Due to the delay in the release of My Fare on the App Store, we will gladly provide a refund of tickets purchased from July 1 until the app is released," they said in an update. 

Apparently the app is still in the process of being approved by the App Store for iOS devices.

Locals are urged to keep checking Calgary Transit's Twitter feed to find out when it'll be available for Apple devices. 

On July 1, someone said on Twitter, "Calgary Transit is disappointment again and again. And they wonder why ridership is down, and probably won't come back."

To which Calgary Transit said, "Hey, We are truly sorry that you feel this way. The App Store is continuing to work on making the app available. We will let you know on Twitter as soon as we have an update!" 

Another person on Twitter commented, "Your own advertising at train stations say the app is available on the App Store. City Of Calgary website also says itโ€™s available there too." 

Calgary Transit replied to them as well, saying that they know it's a "frustrating experience." 

Global News reported that over 2,500 Android users got the app on the first day alone. 

The app is only providing regular fare options at the moment, said Calgary Transit.

Global reported that while the app is fairly easy to use, a few people have criticized the lack of low-income payment options on the app.   

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